portraits in minutes

We're an ethics-first non-profit organization. Simply submit 10 or more photos of yourself (or someone you know), and our talented airtists will create beautiful portraits in a variety of styles, then send you an email when your gallery is ready. It usually takes around one hour and we remove all your photos when done.

Not just for you, your loved ones too

Our airtists will produce beautiful paintings based on your photos in the style of old master painters.” “In order to get the best results, please provide a variety of photos of the same person, taken from different angles. You should have enough of them stored in your phone. Just make sure they are all appropriate—no nudes or anything else that would be considered indecent.

For ethical reasons, we have restricted the AI to "paint" exclusively in the style of artists who are no longer around. Because the living artists still need to make a living! In this regard we are big supporters of the Spawning initiative.

How to get best results

For optimal results, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Upload around 15 photos
  • of which 10 portraits
  • 3 closeups from the neck up
  • 2 full-body shots
  • select with patience :)
  • Various facial expressions
  • Different lighting conditions
  • Shot from different angles
  • Not blury and not out of focus
  • No nudity please

The shortest way

from selfies to art

Please be mindful that AI-generated images can be inaccurate, and may contain offensive material such as nudity. If this is something you'd like to avoid, please do not use this service.

Asked Questions

Still have unanswered questions and need to get in touch? is an initiative developed by the Digital Partnership for Regeneration and Reconnection, a registered charity based in Estonia. We explore the intersection between technology, ethics, and the connection with each other and the natural world.

We’re using several AI models based on Stable Diffusion. If you want to learn more about the fascinating process of AI image generation, we recommend this visual guide produced by The Washington Post.

We realise that we are privileged enough to create projects focused on meaning rather than profit. We are currently developing a framework that blends our love for creating new projects with the Zen Ethics of Thich Nhat Nah. Here’s the first draft of our Manifesto.

Indeed. At the end of the year, 80% of the surplus generated by will be donated to art charities around the world. On this page you can see some examples of the types of charities we support.

Please provide a variety of photos of the person you want to paint, taken from different angles. Please refer to the how-to section for more details.

At the moment we offer you to generate portraits of only 1 person at a time. In the future, we may be able to offer group paintings.

After generating your pictures you will be able to choose to print one or several of your paintings, on museum-grade paper. We hope to implement this service by the end of the week!