As an ethical enterprise that uses AI to create painting portraits based on photos from users, we understand that we are not separate from the technology and world around us, but interconnected and interdependent with everything else. We are committed to cultivating and expressing this understanding through our actions and decisions.

We recognize the inherently unethical element of our project: our use of an AI that has been trained on the work and art of others without the creators’ consent.

So we are committed to addressing this issue by exclusively working with styles and models based on the work of artists that passed away at least 100 years ago, and by also supporting emerging ethical alternatives like Spawning AI.

We also recognize that the technology we’re using has the potential to introduce unwanted bias. For example, the AI models may be trained on datasets that are not representative of the population’s diversity, which can result in changes to the color of a person’s skin in the generated portraits.

So we’re monitoring and evaluating AI models to minimize bias and ensure that our technology accurately reflects the diversity of the world around us.

As an ethical enterprise, we recognize the interconnectedness of all things and the impact our actions have on the world around us. We are committed to creating a positive and compassionate work environment where our employees can thrive and develop their positive skills.

We will foster connections among each other and within the wider community, recognizing the importance of building strong and supportive relationships. We will reflect on our actions and choices, and strive to make decisions that support the well-being of others and the natural world.

And finally, we are focusing on cultivating the insight of interbeing, reducing our environmental footprint (as a company and as individuals), supporting community organizations, and promoting sustainability and ethical practices in all that we do.

Our Team



Cata is interested in technology, mental health and mindfulness as a source of balance, which in turn can make us interested in the wellbeing of others and the earth.



Sascha is the backend developer, an AI enthusiast and always looking to improve both the user experience and results of our paintings.



Raj is using his magic to make everything work smoothly, from coding the website in WordPress, to optimising the site speed, fine-tuning servers and everything in between.